Happy Earth day!

Taking care…

Les caresses du silence

Happy New Year!


Quand l’exil extérieur devient intérieur.


«I am an earthling» for Marlena Agency. And Happy Earth Day!

Little Dude

The Little Dudes is a collaborative project of creatives, invited from across the globe to give life and personality to a little dude, in order to help the world.

Here is mine: Miss Curly, she left to Berlin and will be sold in Charity Auction.

Je suis Charlie

MammaProof with Love

This is the greeting I did for MammaProof, for the New Year. Mavi had really clear what she wanted: a growing seed.

If you are parents and are either in Barcelona or Madrid, you should absolutely visit their website. It will give you so many tips with things to do and places to visit with your children.

Setting up the Family Tree

I flew to Boston with all the ornaments I made, to decorate the Family Tree in the Concord Museum.

Before setting up the tree, I had the chance to visit Boston and stayed at Nancy’s house, a beautiful place, with such a good food and great company!

It has been a great experience. Thanks you!

You can also see the process of making the ornaments here and the pictures of the final pieces here.

The pool of tears

The library «El gato de Cheshire» in Zaragoza is organizing a collective exhibition in tribute to Alice in Wonderland. Mine is an interpretation of the passage «the pool of tears». I like how it sounds in french: La mare aux larmes.

It is a small piece of around 10 x 15 cm. I used clay on wood, and acrylics.