family_tree_01.jpg family_tree_02.jpg family_tree_03.jpg family_tree_13.jpg family_tree_15.jpg family_tree_14.jpg family_tree_05.jpg family_tree_06.jpg family_tree_07.jpg family_tree_16.jpg family_tree_08.jpg family_tree_17.jpg family_tree_18.jpg family_tree_101.jpg family_tree_19.jpg family_tree_20.jpg family_tree_121.jpg

Family Tree WIP

The Barefoot Books publisher invited me to decorate a Christmas Tree at the Concord Museum in Massachusset. The theme for the ornaments is The Arabian Nights, a book I’ve illustrated.

As the tree is 3 feet high, I had to do around 300 ornaments, all handmade. Here are some pictures of the process.

You can see also the final pieces here, and the setting up of the tree here.


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