«Avanzadoras» is an Oxfam project to support the women struggle who in all over the world fight for their rights.

This is an illustrated book with 12 songs from 12 compositors and interpreted by 12 women, and with 12 texts by women writers and journalists.

The graphic design studio Viernes, in charge of the layout of the book, thought of calling 12 women illustrators to illustrate one song and one text.

So here are the images I did for the song and the text.

The text is from María José Díaz Reyez, from Nicaragua. She is claiming the right for women to decide and the no violence. It starts with education of young girls and boys. That’s why I used a hand with a growing seed.

The song «Saquen mi cuerpo de la guerra» Remove my body from the war, from Pilar Jurado, is about freedom and denounce without fear.


Assignment: Book CD Title: Proyecto Avanzadoras Author: Various Art director: Nacho Padilla Language: Spanish Client: Oxfam Intermón Year: 2015