Happy Earth day!

Taking care…

Encuentrazos 2016

Tengo el placer de participar con una conferencia en las jornadas de Encuentrazos 2016, organizado por las escuelas de arte y diseño de Zaragoza junto a otros grandes ilustradores y diseñadores.


Les caresses du silence

Happy New Year!


Quand l’exil extérieur devient intérieur.

Casa Anita

The Casa Anita Bookstore in Barcelona is being forced to leave the building. That’s why the owner, Oblit, called illustrators to participate to the Campaign «Jo no marxo», which means «I am not leaving» in catalan, using her logo (the blue chair with the books).


«I am an earthling» for Marlena Agency. And Happy Earth Day!

Little Dude

The Little Dudes is a collaborative project of creatives, invited from across the globe to give life and personality to a little dude, in order to help the world.

Here is mine: Miss Curly, she left to Berlin and will be sold in Charity Auction.


Presentation of «Las tres princesas pálidas»

With Cristina Concellon, from Kalandraka, we presented the book «Las tres princesas pálidas» written by María José Martín Francés and illustrated by myself, at the Abracadabra bookstore in Barcelona.

Thank you Cristina and Abracadabra and to those who came!

Je suis Charlie