family_tree_montage_01.jpg family_tree_montage_02.jpg family_tree_montage_03.jpg family_tree_montage_04.jpg family_tree_montage_05.jpg family_tree_montage_06.jpg family_tree_montage_07.jpg family_tree_montage_08.jpg family_tree_montage_09.jpg family_tree_montage_10.jpg family_tree_montage_11.jpg family_tree_montage_12.jpg

Setting up the Family Tree

I flew to Boston with all the ornaments I made, to decorate the Family Tree in the Concord Museum.

Before setting up the tree, I had the chance to visit Boston and stayed at Nancy’s house, a beautiful place, with such a good food and great company!

It has been a great experience. Thanks you!

You can also see the process of making the ornaments here and the pictures of the final pieces here.


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